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Aviation Career Guide

Search the Featured Aviation Schools To be a successful pilot, professional flying or leisure, you need to know where, how and when to start. Aviation Career Guide gives you the advantage of knowing how to bypass the common loopholes in flight training.
Requirements to be a pilot A question all aspiring pilots ask is "what does it take?" - What is needed to become a pilot? Many still think you need to be super smart and have special skills to pilot an airplane. This couldn't be further from the truth. Here are the regulated requirements and some tips. Doable for most of us.
Flight Club
Flight Club Flight clubs are the training institution in the world producing most private pilots. This is because most students training for a private pilot certificate (PPL) do it for leisure flying. Most cities with an airport have a flight club, and training here is often cheaper then with a flight school.
Flight School
Flight School The diversity of flight schools is very large. Here you find the buildup and practice of the different explained. Good knowledge to have when selecting the flight school that is right for you.
Military Flying
Military Flying The big dream for many is to become a military aviator. And it is no big secret that they are the top of the line flight students, getting the best training and flying the fastest, best, and most advanced aircrafts out there. Learn how you can become one of them.
Private Pilot License - PPL
Private Pilot License - PPL Every year thousands of people around the world take the first step into aviations finest arena; they become private pilots. Here is the information you need before you start to study for a private pilot license.
Commercial Pilot License - CPL
Commercial Pilot License - CPL The only way you can make flying a living is by obtaining a commercial pilot license (CPL). Best compared to a commercial driving license the CPL gives you the privileges of flying for compensation or hire. This covers everything from flight instruction and crop dusting to piloting large airliners.
Flight Instructor
Flight Instructor - CFI, CFII, MEI, FI A good way to build hours ones you become a commercial pilot are by obtaining an instructor license. As a flight instructor you gain experience by teaching others to fly. This way you learn the material extremely well (learning by teaching) and you get paid to fly. This is a very common way to start a flying career in the United States.
Airline Transport Pilot License
Flight Instructor - CFI, CFII, MEI, FI This is the highest license you can get as a pilot and is required to act as the pilot in command (PIC) [captain] of a multi crew aircraft. Both in Europe and United States you have to be at least 23 years of age and have at least 1,500 hours of total flight time before obtaining an ATPL.
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